Tiger Eye Tips

Red Tiger Eye, with its many shades of red, orange, and browns, is a lucky stone for any new ambition. It holds the colors of both Earth and Sun. It helps to ground when your head is stuck in the clouds or when you are having trouble with your inner dialogue. Tiger Eye works with the lower 3 chakras, the root (at the pelvis), the sacral (at the navel), and the solar plexus (below the rib cage). These 3 energy layers make up our connection with reality and when encouraged with Tiger Eye can help boost creativity, willpower, fearlessness, and our ability to stay motivated on new projects. Simply hold this stone at one of these areas on the body and check in to see if you can feel the subtle energy at work.

I love crystals and there are a couple of reasons why I chose to write about this particular one for my first Crystals blog. For the most part when I head to the local crystal and gems store or when a vendor has them on display at a festival or event, I like to have the stones choose me. Then figure out why that particular stone on that particular day is right for me. Tiger Eye happened to choose my aesthetic during a time that has me entering a new season of life, a transition period where I am very motivated to do my best. Tiger Eye helps to boost my abilities when writing, communicating with myself, and working out challenges I face in my world. For me, at least, I let my intuition decide what is needs as an aid and thus far it has not led me astray. Even if you do not believe all the healing energies of Tiger Eye or any other stone, you cannot deny that they are not pretty to look at. And the more pretty things in life, the better!

Tiger Eye is great at helping lower anxiety and walking through the day without fear. Got goals? This stone is wonderful to help manifest things you want in life. But make sure you keep it practical. Remember this stone has Earth qualities that translate into reality. Maybe you are hoping for new ideas or simply need more focus. Keep Tiger Eye in your pocket, purse, or on your desk at work and whenever you get a sense of stuck-ness or just need an energy boost take a moment to think about your goal, hold your stone in your hand (or by any of the 3 lower chakras) and it will begin to take form!

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